Business Funding Solutions

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What we offer is very simple and straightforward.
What we offer is different than a traditional bank loan.
We can advance you money based off of your sales, not your credit.
We can approve you within 1 day and fund you within 1 week.

Program Overview: 

Accounts Receivables (AR) Factoring:  (Merchant Cash Advance)

  • Eligible amount is based solely off of Gross Sales
  • Poor credit (500 and lower) is not a barrier to receive funding.
  • The money can be expensive. Using $10,000.00 as an example:
    • Best Case: A business owner has a credit score towards 800. Cash Flow & Margin are Strong.  We would buy $11,500.00 of future sales, giving $10.000.00 today. (1.15 factor rate)
    • Worse Case. A business owner has a credit score down towards or below 500.  There may be discharged bankruptcies, and/or bankruptcies/tax liens that are on a payment plan.  There may be NSF’s, negative days and the margin is low.  We would purchase $14,950.00 of their future sales, giving $10.000.00 today. (1.49 factor rate)
    • Every $10,000.00 could cost between $1,500.00 and $4,950.00.
  • Program runs from 3 to 24 months.
  • We are paid back by a small, daily, weekly or twice monthly ACH withdrawal from your business bank account, or a % of your credit card batches..
  • There is NO Interest. It is 100% principle and every penny you pay brings the total amount down until you get to Zero.
  • One Page Application.
  • No Application Fees, Costs nor Obligations.
  • Approval within 24 Hours.
  • If you don’t like the offer, you don’t have to accept it.  No Cost, No Harm, No Foul.
  • If you accept our offer we simply send you the contract and need supporting documents such as proof of ownership, a copy of your drivers license, etc. 
  • It takes 3-5 days and we wire the money directly into your bank account.

Invest 5 minutes of your time and call us @ 615-669-0298.
We offer the fastest pre-approval in the industry.