Business Funding Solutions

PLEASE NOTE:  As of January 1st, 2023, our company “Delta Partners Merchant Funding LLC” will change our name to “Mississippi Delta Funding Partners LLC”.  Our company, “Delta Partners” has a 100% customer smartification record.  However, we were being confused with other “Delta Partners” who had customer complaints and who have no relationship to us.
We are a smaller Family owned company that syndicates with a handful of select partners to provide specific funding in specific industries.
Our customers do not use us as a primary funding source.  If you can obtain adequate funding from your bank you would never take funding from us and we would never suggest that you do so.
In some cases we can offer a business a secondary line of funding:
  1. Loans not available in New Jersey, Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota
  2. Other restriction for specific entity types on loan products may apply.
  3. Under MCAs – Min. Monthly Sales refers to minimum credit card processing volume.
  • Trucking: owner operated min. 3 trucks owned or leased min. insurance $750,000 required.
  • Construction & Contractors:
    • Low Risk Construction submissions will not be subject to term or dollar caps. Eligible up to $600,000 and 18 Months. 
    • High Risk Construction submissions could be subject to term or dollar caps. 
Invest 5 minutes of your time and call us @ 615-669-0298.