Qualifying & Eligible Amount

Business Owners Only.
We apologize, but we do not advance funds to individuals.

Not applicable for Equipment Financing/Leasing – please call 954-647-3064 for details.

Advance amounts from $1,000.00 to $1 million plus.

As we purchase future receivables/sales, the amount that a business owner Qualifies for is based off of their gross revenue as reflected in Bank Deposits.

How we Calculate the Eligible Amount:

  • As we are legally Chartered as a “Factoring Company” there are restrictions to how much money we can advance to a business.
  • A realistic estimate is 50% of Average Monthly Gross Revenue as reflected in Bank Deposits.
  • In some cases we can go up to 150% of Average Monthly Gross.
  • With Real Estate as collateral, in some cases we can go up to 300% of Average Monthly Gross.